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We believe everything you need to heal and support your body comes from nature.  We believe that vibrating at a high frequency attracts abundance into your life. We believe that living a life of adventure and passion is one worth living!  From these beliefs we have adopted a vegan lifestyle, use essential oils, meditate, exercise, travel, and use green cleaning in our daily lives.

Our family and friends had noticed the positive changes in us. They were curious and wanted to learn more about; How we had lost so much weight? How we eliminated stress? How we left our 9-5 jobs to live a life of adventure? As we shared our knowledge, we quickly realized just how much we have to offer others. So we decided to create this website so you too can benefit from the Pure Oils Life!

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

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Joe Roqueplot
Joe Roqueplot
Certified Essential Oil Coach
Certified DISCstyles Communication Consultant
AromaTouch Certified

I was a Financial Controller for a privately held career development company, I consider myself a numbers man. However, I also like to learn new skills and I really enjoy teaching others. My job kept me in an office and I had very limited interactions with others. Being a very active person, sitting at a desk over 8 hours a day was not how I saw myself spending my life until retirement age. I found dōTERRA after I had surgery to replace a disc in my neck. I was looking for a natural way to manage my pain during recovery and rehabilitation. I had an immediate response to Deep Blue essential oil & Deep Blue Rub. Christy and I ended up attending doTERRA’s global convention a few months later. We fell in love with the dōTERRA culture and felt drawn to become part it. So being a researcher at heart, I began to look into doTERRA’s compensation plan. I found that dōTERRA has created a formula for anyone to build financial freedom through teamwork and helping others find natural health solutions. I knew this was a perfect fit for us.

Christy Roqueplot
Christy Roqueplot
Certified Essential Oil Coach
Certified DISCstyles Communication Consultant
AromaTouch Certified

I was raised to believe that happiness came from getting a degree, working a good job, and having a nice house. So I dove into education and earned not 1 but 2 Master’s degrees. One in Speech-Language Pathology and the other in Educational Administration. I have worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Special Education Coordinator, Tri-County Preschool Director, and an Elementary/Intermediate Principal. I really loved working with children, especially children with special needs. I enjoyed my work; however, I did not enjoy building someone else’s dream. This quickly led to job burn out. I am very passionate, loyal, and hard-working. I wanted to decide when I worked and how I worked. I wanted to be the BOSS. So I left the education world for the entrepreneurial world and I haven’t looked back.


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