Dealing with a Difficult Life Situation

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Dealing with a Difficult Life Situation

Step back, relax before reacting!

When dealing with a difficult life situation, remember to step back and relax before making any decisions or reacting.  When we react in the moment, we are not thinking clearly and sometimes we create further grief.  I had to remind myself of this very recently when dealing with a family member who has terminal cancer.  Thank goodness for my level-headed husband.  He was able to remind me to take care of myself as I help my father get the care he needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

During the past few months, I have been asking others in my family for help. I’ve been giving my mind a break by reading my favorite novels and playing Toy Blast. LOL, I know! But most importantly using essential oils has helped my emotional and physical well-being.  Using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils can make all the difference with your health!

Here are a few essential oils I have been reaching for lately to help me relax and stay focused. Most importantly I continue to be healthy.

doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend – I use this on my feet night and put a few drops in my water to help boost my immunity

doTERRA Balance essential oil blend – I put this blend on my feet in the morning to help start my day grounded and focused.  I used Balance a few days ago topically over my heart and aromatically to help slow my racing heart.

doTERRA Whisper essential oil blend – Putting this blend over my heart, on my neck, and my wrists helps me feel confident.  When speaking with my father’s healthcare professionals I feel more composed.

doTERRA Console Touch essential oil blend – This blend makes me feel at peace when I have a moment of grief over my father’s illness.  It is a wonderful blend that makes me feel I am not alone, very comforting.

Are  you dealing with a difficult life situation? You owe it to yourself to try essential oils!  I believe this so much! I will make myself available to help you find the right essential oils for you!  Please give me a distraction!!

All my best,

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