Are you feeling stressed? Try our fresh air essential oils diffuser blend!

Let’s focus on releasing stress from the body by using a natural essential oil blend. Stress in the body can be a trigger for many aches and pains.  AromaTouch (Massage blend) essential oil is popular for easing physical stress in our bodies when used topically.  However, did you know when you use this essential oil blend aromatically, it assists us in releasing our stress and tension of the day.  This blend of essential oils will shift us into a state of well-deserved relaxation.  Let’s remove tension and stress! When you having a stressful day, try this diffuser blend and feel the stress melt away with each breath!

Fresh Air Diffuser Blend

  3 drops AromaTouch

  3 drops Lime

  3 drops Grapefruit

  1 drop Green Mandarin