TerraShield Outdoor Blend – Natural Insect Repellent

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TerraShield Outdoor Blend – Natural Insect Repellent

TerraShield Outdoor Blend of Essential Oils – Your new best friend for the great outdoors! This blend of essential oils has been designed as a natural and effective insect repellent with none of the nasty side effects (like skin irritations, allergic reactions or eye irritations). Because the TerraShield essential oil blend is made up of essential oils from plants. We love being outdoors and we are getting ready to hit the road full-time in a RV this winter. TerraShield will definitely be in our backpacks as we are exploring this amazing, beautiful country.

What makes TerraShield so great?

Check out its key ingredients:

  • Ylang Ylang Flower – is added for its natural mosquito repellent properties.
  • Nootka Wood – is considered to be a twin to the Arborvitae. One of Nootka’s chemical components is Nootkatone which has been found to be an effective repellent to mosquitoes and certain types of ticks. [i]. Nootka may also repel bed bugs and head lice. [ii] Interesting fact: Grapefruit also contains the chemical component – Nootka.
  • Cedarwood Wood – is known to be toxic to fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
  • Catnip Plant – was found to provide six hours of protection against insects. [iii]
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Leaf – was found to prevent mosquito and deer tick bites when applied topically to skin. [iv]
  • Litsea Fruit- was found to be on the top of the list for repelling mosquitoes. [v]
  • Arborvitae Wood – is added because of one of its chemical components—tropolones. Tropolones have chemical properties that act as a natural insect repellants. Because Arborvitae oil is rich with these organic chemicals, Arborvitae helps repel bugs.
  • Vanilla Bean Absolute – is added to help keep essential oils on the skin. The chemical component – vanillin has been found to be a fixative and improve the longevity of the essential oils being used as an insect repellent. [vi]
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil – is added because it contains unsaturated fatty acids and emulsifiers that improve repellent coverage and slow evaporation of volatile repellent molecules [vi]
  • Tamanu Seed – is added because it maintains insect repellent properties which dissuade the reactions that an insect bite can set off on the skin.

Here’s some suggestions on how to use TerraShield:

  • Diffuse TerraShield to protect you from insects during your summer barbeque or when sitting outside.
  • Apply to kid’s arms and legs to help them get the most out of their summer vacation and don’t forget yourself! For best results apply before going outdoors.
  • Use TerraShield spray for a very convenient way to apply that even children can use safely.
  • Spray TerraShield around your door and windowsills to protect your home. You can also use TerraShield around tent doors and windows while camping.
  • To focus on experiencing nature instead of avoiding it, apply TerraShield before a hike.
  • Apply topically or place on aromatherapy jewelry while camping or on a fishing trip. Check out our diffuser jewelry. We offer an assortment of necklaces and bracelets for men, women, and children.
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