Wednesday doTERRA BOGO – Buy One Holiday Joy Get One Arborvitae

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Wednesday doTERRA BOGO – Buy One Holiday Joy Get One Arborvitae

Tis’ the season, HOLIDAY JOY is here!!! Today’s BOGO: Buy One HOLIDAY JOY, Get One ARBORVITAE FREE!!! Normally $62 retail for both, but TODAY ONLY, you get both for only $24.50 wholesale/$32.67 retail. Talk about JOYful savings right there! You will use Holiday Joy year round in your diffuser. Put 2 drops in and your home will smell like you actually cleaned things up, decked the halls, and baked cookies because you’re awesome like that. Seriously it smells just like the Holidays should smell – but without all the work! 🙂 You can also put a drop on your favorite ornament and hide it in your Christmas tree. So good! You know how every year, someone in your house gets the worst bug ever??? Use Arborvitae on your feet each morning to ward off the worst of the worst sickness. You can also use it to repel insects and can even make your own DIY wood polish if you want to go Martha Stewart on us! Arborvitae is really one where it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!  So you get both simply by going online to order! Oh and I know you are trying to cross some names off your shopping list…plan on this set for anyone that seems to have it all and you aren’t sure what to get them! Stay tuned for tons of great education and more usage ideas for these 2 awesome oils!! And don’t forget to check out the How to Order post if you need help ordering. And heads up! Since this is a Holiday Item, if you are processing via LRP, you’ll need to make sure to add at least one non-holiday to your order to process. If you don’t want to do that, go ahead and process as a standard order.

Available For a limited time – Act Fast

It’s no secret that many essential oils share similar characteristics, especially when it comes to emotional benefits. However, when it comes to two favorites like Holiday Joy and Arborvitae, you might be wondering how these two oils could be anything alike. The answers may surprise you. Here are just some of their interesting similarities:

  1. Holiday Joy and Arborvitae are both exclusive to doTERRA.
  2. Both are meant to be used aromatically or topically, but not internally.
  3. Either one has the capability to purify the air where diffused. You can make your home smell like a forest or a Christmas-tree lot anytime by choosing either oil instead of other chemical-laden options.
  4. The Wild Orange and Douglas Fir essential oils included in Holiday Joy, and Arborvitae are all considered Co-Impact Sourcing® oils. Wild Orange is mostly sourced from Brazil from a collective of over 20,000 small farmers. Douglas Fir is from New Zealand, and Arborvitae is sourced from British Columbia.

As you can see, most of the similarities revolve around sourcing, but also the topical and aromatic use of either oil. Similarities aside, using either Holiday Joy or Arborvitae also reveals some unique benefits.

Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy Holiday Blend


Some of our favorite ways to use Holiday Joy include:

  • Diffusing it during holiday gatherings with friends and family to uplift the mood and make your home truly smell of holiday cheer.
  • When the holidays are past, Holiday Joy can still be an uplifting scent when you need some cheer through the winter.
  • Add it to diffuser jewelry or to a scarf to keep yourself energized and invigorate the senses when you catch the scent throughout the day.




Arborvitae, on the other hand, is useful for the following:

  • Diffuse when you want to rid your home of creepy crawlies, because Arborvitae naturally repels bugs. (Diffusing it also means you get the added benefits of purifying the air that we mentioned previously.)
  • As it is a wood oil, Arborvitae is an excellent option to add to a DIY cologne. It blends well with other wood or resinous oils, including Cedarwood and Frankincense.

Limit of five per account, per household. Available in US, Canada, and all NFR markets.

BOGO SKU: 31450001

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